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Anqan's is a growing retail company, which sells premium fashion for real man. The project was previously started on Magento2, but after three months it came out that scaling it is a tough task. After we have switched to Sylius, we transformed 480 man hours in this technology into 160 in Sylius. This project uses most of our open source plugins, including CMS, PayU, shipping export with DHL adapter as well as MailChimp newsletter. We have provided a unique storefront experience from a previously prepared HTML view and now we customize the product to meet the most advanced business requirements.

BestValue is the biggest duty free store chain in Romania that serves over 400,000 customers around the world. Their business model is based on selling duty free goods via the eCommerce platform to travelers. The problem they had was the efficiency of adding new products. Each month, they did have around 400 new products and adding each one has taken around 5 minutes which transformed into unacceptable time period per one person. The solution we came up with was writing a product CSV import module, which enabled the content management team to create many products at once, if the provided data is valid.

URBANARA provides the world with beautiful, high-quality homewares without the sky-high price tag. Currently, they are migrating to Sylius platform. What they needed was an Adyen payment gateway integration that could be customized for future needs like a transparent payment and refund action. We have provided a plugin within a week and after a successful small project, we started cooperating in more advanced areas.

Paytoolbox is an interesting SaaS solution for people, who'd like to sell any kind of files around the web. For a recurring payment, you might get a server storage and a basic B2C experience which includes a custom layout and payment methods. It's based on Sylius platform. The modification we've made to it are the PayU payment integration, Sylius file sharing module, decentralized CRM integration and ticket support system.

CMS is not a commercial project, but it is worth to be mentioned in this section. As Sylius does not include content management system by default, it has been obvious that sooner or later such an integration should be made. We decided to do it on our own as a plugin. Our CMS works as any Sylius module - it contains some basic features and is easy to customize. Feel free to use it an leave us a star on GitHub!


FirmaManager is a native Symfony project that proves that Sylius not only is a platform, it is a framework as well. Although its business requirement is to provide advanced accounting services it shares some Sylius bundles and components. Using bundles like Resource, Grid or Taxation saved us around 60% of the development time that normally we would need to implement each of these modules from scratch. Currently, the project is still in development, but it looks like its MVP version will be done by the end of 2018.

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