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First ever Sylius plugin store

Mikołaj Król (bitbager), Jun 8, 2018

BitBag is a web development company, which was the first one that decided to work mostly with Sylius. During our journey with the framework, they have implemented various projects on top of it. We are also Open Source lovers, who spent a lot of time moving the common features from their projects into Sylius plugins ecosystem under our GitHub organization. We have created plugins for Sylius content managementElasticsearch product filter, Wishlist, various payment gateway integrations, like Adyen or Mollie and much more.

Building and maintaining plugins for the community is sometimes a hard task, especially when nobody pays for it. In order to provide more awesome plugins, BitBag was in need to align a business behind our Open Source.

That being said, we have just launched our own plugin store with free and paid extensions. What is more, Sylius community members are now enabled to purchase support for their favorite plugins (Open Source included). Support variant allows you to book some of BitBag’s development resources for your specific needs. This might include plugin customization, Q&A and custom development services. Under each product on the page, you will find a select menu for some standard support time intervals. If, however, you need something extra, just write them an email that you will find on the product page.

Sylius ACL plugin - first enterprise extension

The first enterprise plugin we have created is for user permissions management. 

Sylius does not come by default with an internal role management system. In bigger eCommerce systems, you might want to restrict access to a specific group of users inside the admin panel. For instance, you don't want your content management team change the tax rate or payment methods, right? This plugin allows you to create a flexible role, set its privileges and associate it to admin users. Once you do it, the admin panel will display only features based on selected permissions. What is even more, it has a flexible architecture, that allows you to provide new roles easily, if they are not loaded automatically yet. 

You can check a demo under this link. Use "sylius" as login and password and search for roles tab on the bottom of the left menu. Take the video as an example.

You can purchase this plugin here.

The plugin store

The plugin store is available under https://bitbag.shop/store/plugins website.

We are planning to move more of our projects code to plugins. In the upcoming future, we are planning to release plugins for POS, Sylius B2B, GDPR, order statistics and ERP integrations.

If you are into some of this plugins, you can contact Mikołaj Król (@bitbager), BitBag’s CEO for more details on [email protected] email.

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