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We know Sylius & Symfony.

Very well.

Official Sylius business partner

We are the first company in the world that has grown from Sylius. Currently, we work on eCommerce projects on top of it only. Since 2015 we have gained experience and strong position in the solution ecosystem, which lets us call ourselves experts.

Sylius content management system provider

Our Open Source SyliusCmsPlugin powers most Sylius projects around the web!

We do know how to use Sylius.

Here are some of our projects...


Advanced B2C experience


Product import module


Payment gateway plugin integration


Sylius content management system plugin

Our services

Software development

We offer advanced eCommerce app development for tailored business needs. This might include a Sylius eCommerce B2C & B2B experience on top of a platform app, Sylius plugin development, for ex. a payment gateway, or a Symfony based web app that uses Sylius components and bundles.


Sometimes you might get stuck during a Sylius project. With us, you will not be scared by deadlines. As the solution experts, we can help you by sharing some of our development resources. You also might want to consult the usage of our Open Source plugins or ask us to implement a new one.


Do you feel that your code does not meet best standards and practices or what could be even worse - it might be insecure? Do not let your business get stuck by the technical debt. Our experts can help you avoid the regression by taking a careful look at your codebase and recommending how to fix any potential problems you might not realize you have.

Technologies we work with

We do A LOT of
Open Source!

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Our blog

Is written with pleasure as well.

Why Pimcore & Sylius might be your eCommerce dream team?

Why Pimcore & Sylius might be your eCommerce dream team?

How to provide an awesome B2C solution on top of Sylius

How to provide an awesome B2C solution on top of Sylius

Sylius CMS 2.0 released!

Sylius CMS 2.0 released!

First ever Sylius plugin store

First ever Sylius plugin store

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